What We Do

We are UK Import-Export Agency, with plans for expanding business in the UK, European, South America and China market sector, we wish to help manufactures/producers looking for new accounts who would love to profit from overseas sales.We do not have a direct physical presence within the market but have numerous contacts within it that we will make full use of in the promotion of their product. Overall control of the export marketing push will lie here with us.

Agency agreement: It would be our intention to arrange to be the exclusive agent for the producer.This would allow us to sell their products in a specific area for a specific period of time.

How many people I employ: The business is operated by myself with appropriate secretarial back-up. However, do not interpret this as meaning we do not have access to back-up and information resources necessary to do a professional job of work on a company’s behalf.

Sales staff: This agency makes use of Sub-Agents within the territory when needed. The control and operation of these agents is my responsibility and is at my sole expense. I retain full control over them at all times.

Patrick London Group Import/Export Agency.

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